IVS TRADING (HK) LTD (1715424)


A conglomerate dealing in the industries of Trading Machinery, Real Estate and Investments and solely trading in Hong Kong, IVS Trading stands at the forefront of innovative companies challenging the existing industries to bring about better and innovative service to front end customers.

From Trading of Machinery to facilitating high end real estate deals as well as industrial deals which assist in development of the country, IVS Trading offers an end to end solution within the focused industries to enable a hassle free and seamless transaction.

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Our Specialized Service
  • Plant & Machine Installation & Reconditioning Service
  • Automation of Assembly Line
  • Plant Machinery Shifting
  • Machine Retrofitting Services
  • CNC Machine Reconditioning & Maintenance Services
  • CNC Retrofitting Services
  • Erection Services
  • Machine Re-Engineering Services
  • Plant and Machinery Shifting Services
Our Responsibilities
  • Machine Removal and Installation
  • Machine Re-Engineering Services
  • On-Site & Shop Machining
  • Machine Maintenance Service
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Equipment Diagnostics
  • Detailed Plant & machine Lift Planning

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