Incorporated in the year 2014, and focusing on trading of machineries and plants tendering. Focus is also placed on buying and selling eg- vessels as well as providing guidance and business consultation to logistics operations and system solutions for customer related services.

With attention to details important to our clients such as cost savings, timely delivers and compliance, we provide logistic services on a global level. Dealing with Finance and Technology and being responsible with government tenders as well, IVS Tech aims to be specialized and professional in all forms and even provides technological support to clients regardless of the size of the company or the solution required.

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Our Specialized Service
  • Plant & Machine Installation & Reconditioning Service
  • Automation of Assembly Line
  • Plant Machinery Shifting
  • Machine Retrofitting Services
  • CNC Machine Reconditioning & Maintenance Services
  • CNC Retrofitting Services
  • Erection Services
  • Machine Re-Engineering Services
  • Plant and Machinery Shifting Services
Our Responsibilities
  • Machine Removal and Installation
  • Machine Re-Engineering Services
  • On-Site & Shop Machining
  • Machine Maintenance Service
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Equipment Diagnostics
  • Detailed Plant & machine Lift Planning

Dreams absolutely come true, but they take time, dedication and patience.

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